The 8128 is a 8-inch, full-range, cost-effective loudspeaker for commercial applications. The 8128 features high-fidelity performance in an easy to install package. The system’s high sensitivity drivers deliver maximum sound levels using minimal amplifier power. With its contemporary grill design, 70V/100V taps and an open-back design, the 8100 series brings elegance and performance to basic commercial sound systems, or any application not requiring a back can for installation.
  • Clear, High-Fidelity Performance
  • Dog-ears for easy Blind Mount Installations
  • High Sensitivity (97 db, 1W, 1m) for Maximum Power Efficiency
  • 6W Transformer for use of 70V / 100V Distributed Lines

Thông tin bổ sung

Trọng lượng 1.4 kg
Kích thước 287 x 105 mm

8 in (200 mm), Full-range Driver

Frequency Range

50 Hz – 16 kHz


90° conical

70V/100V Taps

6W, 3W, 1.5W (0.75W at 70V only)


97 dB (1 kHz – 8 kHz), 1W, 1M


Bare wires

Included Accessories

Sculpted Grille

Optional Accessories

MTC-8124C C-ring, MTC-Rail tile rails