The CBT 70J-1, with Constant Beamwidth Technology™, represents a breakthrough in pattern control consistency, utilizing complex analog delay beam-forming and amplitude tapering to accomplish superior, consistent vertical coverage without the narrow vertical beaming and out-of-coverage lobing that are typical of straight form-factor column speakers. (shown with included grille removed)
  • Asymmetrical vertical coverage sends more sound toward far area of room to make front-toback sound levels more consistent.
  • Components: Sixteen 25 mm (1 in) soft dome tweeters and four 125 mm (5 in) high-power LF drivers,
    arranged coaxially.
  • Patent-pending Constant Beamwidth Technology™ provides constant directivity up to the highest frequencies and reduces out-of-coverage lobing.
  • Vertical pattern coverage switchable between 45° for medium-throw coverage and 25° for
    long-throw applications.
  • Switchable voicing provides flat response in music mode or mid-range presence peak in speech mode.
  • Dynamic SonicGuard™ overload protection of HF devices
  • Swivel (pan) / tilt wall bracket included.

Thông tin bổ sung

Trọng lượng 9.5 kg
Kích thước 694 x 170 x 237 mm

Four 130 mm (5 in) LF drivers
Sixteen 25 mm (1 in) HF drivers

Frequency Range

60 Hz – 20 kHz

Nominal Impedance

8 ohms


Vertical (selectable via switch)
Narrow Mode: 25° (2 kHz – 16 kHz) (±10°)
Broad Mode: 45° (750 Hz – 16 kHz) (±10°)
Horizontal 150° (500 Hz – 8 kHz, ±20°)


Narrow: (speech mode) 98 dB (1 kHz – 8 kHz)
(music mode) 93 dB (300 Hz – 18 kHz)
Broad: (speech mode) 96 dB (1 kHz – 8 kHz)
(music mode) 92 dB (300 Hz – 18 kHz)

Power Capacity

500 W (2000 W peak), 2 hrs
350 W (1400 W peak), 100 hrs


Narrow: (speech mode) 125 dB cont ave (131 peak)
(music mode) 120 dB cont ave (126 peak)
Broad: (speech mode) 123 dB cont ave (129 peak)
(music mode) 119 dB cont ave (125 peak)

Low Frequency Drivers

4 pcs, 130 mm (5 in) drivers, dual magnet neodymium, 38 mm (1.5 in) voice coil, damped blended textile surround, coated diaphragm for moisture, UV, and salt resistance, shielded.

High Frequency Drivers

16 pcs, 25 mm (1 in) drivers, dual magnet neodymium, encased magnet and coated diaphragm for moisture, UV and salt resistance, shielded.


Fiberglass reinforced ABS cabinet, painted aluminum grille

Outdoor Capability

IP-55 rated, per IEC529, when installed with optional MTC-PC2 panel cover. UV, moisture and 200-hr ASTM G85 acid-air/salt-spray resistant.


Included swivel (pan)/tilt wall bracket provides continuously variable +/-80 degree left-right swivel aiming (at no up/down tilt — see Bracket Guide for maximum swivel range at various up/down tilt angles), continuously variable +/-15 degree tilt, as well as 5 degree fixed increment points. Ten threaded mounting points located on back panel of cabinet conform to industry standard rectangular 127 x 70 mm (5.0 x 2.75 in) pattern for OmniMount® 60.0 and other compatible third-party brackets. Threaded mounting points can be utilized
for suspension.

Optional Accessories

MTC-PC2 terminal panel cover
MTC-CBT-SMB1 Stand-Mount Bracket for use with 35 mm heavy duty
speaker stand
MTC-CBT-FM2 flush-mount low-profile wall-mount bracket