Control 40CS/T

High-Impact In-Ceiling Subwoofer
  • Extended Bass Response with Maximum Impact
  • Passive Crossover Network for Easy to Install Subwoofer-Satellite Systems
  • Switchable 70V/100V or Low-Z
  • Elegant design fits any décor

Thông tin bổ sung

Kích thước 332 x 338 mm
Frequency Range

32 Hz – 300 Hz


95 dB (near corner), 89 dB (center of ceiling), 1W, 1m

Power Capacity

200W program, 100W pink noise

Nominal Impedance

8 ohms


Screw-down removable locking clip-in connector

70V/100V Taps

80W, 40W, 20W (& 10W at 70V only)

Satellite Outputs

Connectors for 2 or 4 Control 42C satellite speakers

Included Accessories

C-rings, tile rails, paint shield, cutout template, grille